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Jamey’s brilliant ideas and recognition of other great ideas out there.

Restaurant Ideas

Alert! This Game Is Awesome

Airline Add-Ons: A Solution

Lenten Calendar

How to Convert Your Sweat into Electricity

The Greatest Company in the World

The Cheerleader Channel

The Original Smoke Alarm S’more Ornament

The Urban Loincloth

A Cure for Hiccups

Dipping Your Pen in the Company Ink

The Last Person on Earth

Putting Lenses

If These Walls Could Talk

How $3 Changed My Life

No More Senseless Loss of Lives

Organic Microwave

Web Sights

ESPN Clean

Project Runaway

The Future of City Development

I Own That Guy’s Arm

The Future Webeconomy: Part 2

The Future Webeconomy: Part 3

Two Ideas That Need to Happen Today

Two Ideas That Need to Happen Immediately

A Fridge in Your Pocket

Drive-Thru Confessionals

Cookies and TiVo

My Brilliant Idea, Their Great Idea, and Twins

Experience-Based Job-Search Engine

Treadmill Racing

Lost…on Ice!


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