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Jamey lists his greatest fears, loves, shames, as well as his favorite lines from entries and comments on this blog. In addition, he includes what the readers think via the polls list.


Posts I’ve Never Posted

What Are You Allowed to Do at Your Bachelor Party?


Phoning in from the Bathroom

New Format?

Salma Hayek vs. Penelope Cruz

The Winner

The Hottest Animated Disney Male

The Winner

The Hottest Animated Disney Female

The Winner

My Greatest…

A Love Letter to My Greatest Love, My GPS Navigator

My Greatest Fear

My Greatest Fear: Part 2

My Greatest Fear #3

My Greatest Fear #4

My Greatest Procrastination: Shampooing My Car

My Greatest Sloth

My Greatest Joy

My Greatest Shame

My Greatest Shame Part 2: The Plunger

Best Lines from This Blog

“For true awkward-off masters, the combination growl/eyelash flutter can be a useful weapon. I’ve never seen someone abdicate an armrest faster than when I simultaneously rolled my arm on top of his, turned with a vicious, yet loving stare, and growled as my eyes offered him “butterfly kisses”. Needless to say, not only was the remainder of the flight quiet, but he scooted so far away from the middle armrest that the farside armrest left an imprint on his ribcage.” (Trevor, in response to Armrest Rules on Airplanes)

“Far too much time and energy is being wasted on trying to create pills that make flatulence smell like apple pie when the market clearly shows that public demand favors cinnamon rolls. Government funds MUST be redirected away from apple pie smelling farts to cinnamon roll smelling farts!” (Bryce, in response to Who the Hell Is Nancy? Part 3)

“I’m considering starting a pyramid scheme that involves actually building a pyramid.” (Jamey, in Random Irruminibble)

“It would be awesome to have someone follow me around all day and record everything I said and everything that was said to me. The transcript would be extremely useful for playing back conversations between Caroline and me so that we could know who was right or wrong: “May I refer to June 13, 2006, when you stated—with no intended sarcasm or irony—that if you ‘ever don’t come to a complete stop at a stop sign,’ you’ll ‘sever your own arm and give yourself the finger.’” (Jamey, in The Court Reporter for My Life)


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