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pet peeves

Jamey’s ongoing list of pet peeves, accompanied by his list of life’s little pleasures, or pet pleases, as well as some common misconceptions.

Pet Peeves

“Waiters and waitresses of the world, if your restaurant doesn’t serve sweet tea, the answer to the question “Do you have sweet ice tea?” is NO. It’s very simple. If you have it, you say yes. If you don’t, you say no. I know there’s sugar on the table. If I wanted to add that sugar to my tea, I wouldn’t be asking if you serve sweet tea. Pointing out that there’s sugar on the table is like pointing out that you serve food. It’s an insult to the customer.” (–Jamey)

Pet Peeve #3: Not Capitalizing “Is” in Main-Words-Up Heads

Pet Peeve #7: Online News Videos Without Transcripts

Pet Peeve #8: Glasses in the Sink

Pet Peeve #24: The Pronuciation of “Thames”

Pet Peeve #34: Obnoxiously Loud Bar Bands

Pet Peeves and Bad Ideas (and more and more and more and more)

Boycotting Chi-Town

They’re Not Holiday Trees, They’re Christmas Trees!

My Gripe with Bathroom Grips

Milking the Opera Scene

The U.S. Makes-No-Census Bureau

Pet Peeve of the Hour

Bicyclists: Share the Road!

How to Use My Bathroom

An Open Letter to Anonymous Commentors


Bonus Post

Pet Pleases

#1: The Box That Smiles

#2: Back-to-Back Parking Spaces

#3: The Perfect Screw

#4: When You’re Not in the Wall

#5: The Coffee Aisle

#6: Windshield Wiper Fluid

#7: The Forgotten Milkshake Phenomenon

#8: The Wave-In

#9: Nonsmoking Bars

#10: The False Alarm

#11: Parking Meters with Time Remaining

#12: Unexpected E-Mails from Old Friends

#13: Finding Your Chapstick


Common Misconceptions

#1: He Who Smelt It May Not Have Dealt It

#2: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

#3: Quitting Cold Turkey


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