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High School Reunion

October 5, 2009

reunionThe first thing you should know is that a 10-year high school reunion is nothing like High School Musical. (Although, that would be a good subtitle for HSM 8.) At least in my case, as I learned this past weekend, it’s not really that crazy.

I have some statistics to share from my high school reunion, but before I do that, you should know a little bit about my high school. I attended a school formerly called GSGIS (Governor’s School for Government and International Studies). It was a magnet school that pulled students from Richmond (VA) and surrounding counties/cities. Basically, we were a smart group, and we were small. Our class had about 120 students.

The Facts of the Reunion (some of these may be approximations):

  • Attendees from my class: 63
  • Number of times I was asked, “What do you do?”: 47
  • Number of times I asked, “What do you do?”: 47
  • Number of people who blatantly looked at my nametag to see who I was: 1
  • Number of people from my class who still live in Richmond: 16
  • Number of former girlfriends to whom I introduced Nancy: 3
  • Number of people I didn’t recognize at all: 2
  • Number of Indian guys I mistook for former classmates: 2
  • Number of people whose look has significantly changed: 3
  • Number of former classmates who are pregnant or have kids: 6

I’ll get back to you with revised numbers in 10 years.

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  1. October 6, 2009 9:13 am

    I wouldn’t say I “blatantly” looked at your name tag…

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